The SCR JESSICA SME Aid scheme

General Conditions

1. Title
The SCR JESSICA SME Aid scheme (the “Scheme”)

2. Member State
United Kingdom

3. Regions
East Midlands
Yorkshire and the Humber

4. Organisations permitted to award aid under the Scheme
South Yorkshire Property Investment Company Ltd
SCRUDF Limited Partnership

5. Legal Basis
Aid under the Scheme may be awarded in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions of the General Block Exemption Regulation 2014-2020 (“GBER”). Each award must comply with the General Conditions of the Scheme and the relevant Specific Condition(s).

6. UK legal authority to award aid
The South Yorkshire Property Investment Company and SCRUDF Limited Partnership are authorised to award aid under domestic law, including:

• Limited Partnerships Act 1907
• Companies Act 2006

7. Duration

From 1.12.2017 to 31.12.2020

8. Forms of aid

Awards under the Scheme may take the form of:
• Grants;
• Loans below the reference rate; and
• Repayable advances.

9. Incentive Effect

All awards under the Scheme must demonstrate the ‘incentive effect’ in accordance with the requirements of the GBER.

This may involve the submission of documents to the funder prior to the award of funding.

10. Reporting

All awards are conditional upon the recipient providing suitable information to meet GBER reporting requirements set out in the GBER.

11. Cumulation

Aid awarded under the Scheme may only be cumulated with other awards of State Aid where these relate to different eligible costs.

12. Budget

In any calendar year the Scheme shall not be used to provide awards which cumulatively exceed €20 million. This sum is provided for State Aid purposes only and does not reflect a committed government budget.

13. Funding

The awards of aid provided under the Scheme may come from EU structured funds and state funds.
All awards of funding must identify the relevant regulation used to award funding; these are listed under specific conditions.

14. Primacy

In the event that any part of this scheme is inconsistent with the GBER, the provisions of GBER shall prevail.

15. Contact

Questions about this scheme should be directed to the SCR JESSICA, c/o Ben Morley, City Growth - Sheffield City Council, 11 Broad St West, Sheffield S1 2BQ

Specific Conditions

1. Name
The SCR JESSICA SME Aid scheme

2. Eligible costs
The eligible costs shall be either or both of the following:-
(a) The costs of investment in tangible and intangible assets;
(b) The estimated wage costs of employment directly created by the investment project, calculated over a period of two years.

In order to be considered an eligible cost, an investment shall meet the criteria set out in GBER Article 17, point 3. Intangible assets shall fulfil the conditions set out in GBER Article 17, point 4.

3. Aid intensity
GBER Article 17: Investment aid to SMEs
and GBER Article 4

Maximum % aid levels:
Large Enterprises - Not Applicable
Medium Enterprises - 10% of the eligible costs
Small Enterprises - 20% of the eligible costs

Notification Threshold: €7.5 million per undertaking per investment project

4. Excluded undertakings
See GBER Article 1.

5. Other conditions

Aid Measure : GBER Article 17, point 5

Employment directly created by an investment project shall fulfil the following conditions:
(a) it shall be created within three years of completion of the investment;
(b) there shall be a net increase in the number of employees in the establishment concerned, compared with the average over the previous 12 months;
(c) it shall be maintained during a minimum period of three years from the date the post was first filled.