Trail Surface: Rocky roads; rocky single-track with mud and roots. Denver to Breckenridge. I hardly hiked last winter due to bone spurs and a pronation problem. Stormed terribly all night. The trail winds through nearly 500 miles of the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains drawing hikers from around the world and is open to hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. Hike: This segment begins with three miles of dirt road that can accommodate most cars, and continues with a gradually steepening trail along the bottom of a lush valley near a roaring stream. Most southbound thru hikers welcome the transition back into high alpine terrain that begins with segment 20. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until September. It took me just over five days to hike from the Waterton Canyon trailhead all the way to Breckenridge. The geology in this segment is incredibly diverse, making the views some of the most spectacular that can been seen anywhere on the trail. The enormous detour required here, and at the numerous wilderness areas ahead, are probably more important reasons than the condition of the trail to consider riding and hiking the trail in sections rather than all at once. At a … Although the terrain around the segment seems as dry as a desert at times, there are reliable streams at fairly regular intervals. We could hear it crashing through the brush. The meadow was beautiful even in the rain. Hike: This section is unique in that it begins by following the forested shore of a reservoir for several miles, suddenly climbs and descends three thousand feet, and ends with several more miles of flat terrain. Colorado Trail Segment 7 Goldhill Trailhead to Copper Mountain . Although there are a lot of roads, most of them have been closed for so long that they have basically become single-tracks with grassy shoulders. I’ve finally simplified my life again… it’s just me and my backpack. Hike: This segment leaves behind the seemingly endless miles of roads surrounded by grassy hills and small clumps of trees at its halfway point, and concludes with a gradual descent through a secluded valley next to a boggy stream. Footwear is so important on long hikes. The Colorado Trail is a 486-mile-long greatest hits collection of the Centennial State’s most picturesque scenery, from wildflower-strewn meadows to sky-high rocky ridges, that runs from Denver to Durango. Contacts. However this particular route was ridden (mountain bikes) from west to east starting on the South Platte River near Conifer, CO and ending at the Waterton Canyon Trailhead southwest of Denver, CO. Interactively explore all 500 miles of The Colorado Trail between Denver and Durango using topographic maps and satellite imagery. It hasn’t really sunk in yet that we’re actually finally doing this. There are several small streams near the middle of the segment, but beyond that the only reliable water source will be halfway through the next segment. Colorado Trail Explorer. While parking is available, a free shuttle system runs daily between many of the local towns and is a convenient option for those looking to avoid driving (or looking to get back to their vehicle after a hike). Segment 1 of the Colorado Trail September 24, 1999 Written by Charlie and Carol Denver, CO The Colorado Trail runs 500 miles from Denver to Durango. A short descent past a lake in a small valley is followed by a much longer ridge crossing that ends in a large cluster of lakes and a final precipitous descent. ATV Riding. Beware that a large portion of Colorado Trail Segment 4 (miles 1.9-8.2) is in the Lost Creek Wilderness which prohibits bikes and motorized vehicles from using the trail. Today was our longest day yet and the foot pain showed no signs of improvement. We’ll make good time to Woodland Park gravel grinding up Rampart Range Road, then circle around Pikes Peak itself via the Ring the Peak trail system, until finally finishing up at Horsethief. I would love to read more about your experiences but it would help if you showed them with maps. Riding the north end might save some time, but bikes are specifically prohibited on the south end between the trailhead and unmarked wilderness boundary. I’ve added some comments to provide clarification as well as many of the pictures I took along the way. It took me 2 years to get back on trail but I am SO happy I finally did! That must have been a bitter disappointment, Chelsea. Day 4 | 07/27/17 | ~ 8.8 miles | Segment 3: MM 3.4 to MM 12.2 (end of segment), Stormy/Soggy Campsite to Rolling Creek Trailhead (& Detour to Bailey, CO). ( Log Out /  But unfortunately, it was a small store and they didn’t carry footwear. (My first on this trip!) Colorado Trail Segment Map; Toggle Photo. The over five thousand feet of elevation gain takes place in two stages in the first half of the segment, followed by a long, gradual descent. Here are the details. Segment one of the Colorado Trail starting at the Waterton Canyon just South is Denver, and ending at the South Platte River trailhead. Whatever the case may be, not many riders even have the capability to do much riding over the pass, because the trail is often too steep or rocky to ride, so it may not matter. Alternate start to the CT. Over Labor Day weekend 2019, we planned a 3-day backpacking trip of the next 30 miles of trail. Bike: With the exception of the first mile, and a short, rocky trail that connects two roads on opposite sides of a ridge a few miles later, this segment is made up entirely of roads. The trail alternates between open meadows and lush forests that are teeming with wildflowers and wildlife. Trail in Pike National Forest. We were right by a trailhead & watched some people spend 30 minutes trying to back up their truck LOL! Climbs and descents are barely noticeable throughout the first half, which follows a long valley where the elevation rarely strays more than a few hundred feet from that of the starting point. Stories such as yours gives us a deep appreciation for what they accomplish. Hiking. For the first portion of this section of the Colorado Trail, you'll follow Waterton Canyon, which is the gateway to the CT. While parking is available, a free shuttle system runs daily between many of the local towns and is a convenient option for those looking to avoid driving (or looking to get back to their vehicle after a hike). I’ll admit that having grown up here I have some bias, but Colorado is truly a beautiful state, and the southwest area that I hiked through on the last leg of the … Bike: Except for a few miles of smooth single-track on either end, and the occasional rockless section, this segment is nothing but rocky trails and roads, which is no fun at all on a bike. The high point is three thousand feet above the highway at the beginning of the segment, on a ridge at the head of the valley. A short climb to the top of a thirteen thousand foot ridge, followed by a similar descent after three miles of gentle grades, which includes the highest point on the entire trail, completes the segment. Thank you Roger! Trail Surface: Dirt roads; smooth single-track with rocks and mud. I imagine I just didn’t train enough to do something so difficult! And a goal of ours is to finish the Colorado Trail one day, one section at a time. The whole section can be comfortably ridden in both directions in one day, but because the trail conditions deteriorate significantly during the descent towards Marshall Pass, the return trip can be surprisingly long and difficult. Stayed at Lynwood Park, dinner at the Rustic Station, drinks at Mad Jacks. The trail begins at Waterton Canyon and follows a gravel road for the first seven miles. Ending Point: Goldhill Trailhead, Breckenridge, CO . It had been a couple of years since I had ridden either this segment or Indian Creek Loop, so I wanted to try and hit them both. The first quarter of the trail is the majority of the climbing you'll do. Starting Time: Sunday, July 14th, 7:00 AM. Segment 10 is about 13.6 miles. Views of Mt Guyot and a curious ground squirrel we named “Brian” kept spirits up for a short while until we plunged back into the trees. I will let you know if I find a solution haha! The high point for segment ten is a little over 11,200 feet with approximately approximate 1760 feet of elevation gain, so it is neither one of the hardest nor one of the easiest segment of this superb long-distance trail. Segment 10 is about 13.6 miles. The road parallels the South Platte River as it works its way gently up the canyon. We do not run, so we will walk it and so it begins. The Colorado Trail ("CT") was first conceived by Forest Service ranger Bill Lucas in 1973, organized by Gudy Gaskill, and officially completed in 1987. Now there will be no stopping me, and I look forward to doing a few more sections every year. It helps you plan your CT excursions, can guide you on the trail, and is particularly well-suited to have either in an automobile or at home. The trail continues to the south of the reservoir for about 10 miles to the confluence of the North Fork of the South Platte River and the Gudy Gaskil bridge. Bill told us that it wasn’t just us 5 in the gathering room [hostel sleeping area] last night, but a guy from Guadalajara, MX was in the bunkhouse. Even though I know I can never complete a thru-hike, I can still section hike. Hike: The first few miles of this segment skirt the very edge of a golf course and crosses most of Copper Mountain's ski runs, on a series of dedicated trails, shared connecting trails, and service roads. I met some incredible humans on trail, and have found myself a wonderful little tramily. Colorado Trail Segment 1 -Waterton Canyon Trailhead to South Platte River Trailhead. Allan. Hike: The best part of this segment is the view of the Chalk Cliffs during the initial steep climb, or better yet on the way back from a round trip in the evening, when direct sunlight makes the pure white surface more dazzling. Snowmobiling. Instead, consider the. Roger Jenkins Some water might be available in the last half of the section, but not reliably. Hike: After so many miles of walking up and down forested mountains, some may find the appearance of the flat, grassy South Park basin near the end of the segment to be an unexpected surprise. Dehydration, heat exhaustion, [bladder issues]. Segments of the CT. The MTB version of this route will start on designated bike paths and a little bit of singletrack that border the Front Range Urban Corridor, before catapulting you into the Rocky Mountains via Segment 1 of the Colorado Trail. COTREX is a project by the Colorado DNR and Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Three day hikers set out to tackle segment 1 of the Colorado Trail today from Waterton. While other portions of the trail end up being remote, this section offers easy access and beautiful views of the South Platte. As day-hikers, our packs were lighter then thru hikers. Colorado Trail Alt Segment 1 Hiking trail in Moonridge, Colorado (United States). Sadly, my new shoes seemed to make things even worse. Get Here. 2 guys from North Carolina passed us. That’s an amazing accomplishment and I’m glad you can hike in segments! I am in the same boat! Trail Surface: Rocky roads; rocky single-track with roots. Segment 1 of the Colorado Trail is easily accessible, located only 30 minutes from downtown Denver. It rained all morning (which sucked) but then it cleared up all afternoon & evening so we could actually hang out around the campsite which was nice. The MTB version of this route will start on designated bike paths and a little bit of singletrack that border the Front Range Urban Corridor, before catapulting you into the Rocky Mountains via Segment 1 of the Colorado Trail. Bike: While only the last three miles of this segment are within the La Garita Wilderness, the four miles of trail leading to the boundary from where the roads end are closed to bikes. … Pressing on just makes them worse – and maybe permanently. It started sprinkling on us as soon as we were packing up & it rained the rest of the day, on & off. Bike: Despite the huge elevation changes, this segment is almost entirely rideable, with only a few steep or rocky sections where it will be necessary to walk uphill, and in a few instances downhill as well. The trails at either end are largely smooth single-track however, and definitely worth riding, even if only to provide faster access for a hike up to the pass. I’m always open to suggestions if you know of any! Trail Surface: Dirt roads; smooth single-track with rocks, Trail Surface: Rocky roads; smooth single-track with rocks and mud. Didn't go all the way to the top but made it just passed the dam into the Colorado trail single track entrance. Kyle saw the bear, but it was very close, ahead of us on the trail. . I’d decided to tackle the Colorado Trail in sections, at least for the first 100 miles, treating those sections as shakedown bonus hikes while feeling accomplished as I step toward Durango. Day 7 | 07/30/17 | ~ 10.6 miles | Segment 5: MM 8.5 to Segment 6: MM 4.5, Johnson Gulch Campsite to Deadman Creek Campsite (& detour to Fairplay, CO). The following are journal entries (italicized, in block quotes) from my journal that I carried on the trail. There is no water and little shade. In the back of our minds, we know the trail is a microcosm and a metaphor for our lives; we only lose sight of that when we move too fast and too easily. What a great accomplishment! I feel so bad you had to leave the trail. The main route to the summit of the fourteener Mount Elbert, which is the highest peak in Colorado and second highest in the contiguous United States, follows this segment for several miles from the middle before branching off to the west. Kyle found his pack cover. Between the Collegiate section and segment 20 the Colorado Trail spends some quality time in lower and drier ranch land and cow pastures. Even though the trail follows heavily forested slopes and valleys, there is no shortage of amazing views, both near and far. MAP: Trails Illustrated PERMITS: none (easy self-registration for wilderness areas) DESIGNATION: primarily 7 different National Forests BEST SEASONS: July, August, September DISTANCE: 485 miles from Denver to Durango WATER: I thru-hiked with 4 liters capacity. 13.3mi — 1h 15m Jul 15, 2016 David Burton. Water is available throughout the segment. That’s not how it works when piecing together segments of The Colorado Trail. The trail is divided into 28 segments of varying length from 32 to 10 miles more or less. Bike: Unlike the end of the previous segment, which specifically prohibits bikes between the trailhead and the wilderness boundary, this one specifically allows them. Pics of Segment 1 – From the Back of the Pack. Figures. While other … There are no long stretches without water, and most sources are reliable throughout the year. Perusing the Colorado Trail Ninth Edition, the official guidebook of the Colorado Trail Foundation (CTF, 2016), I noticed that for Segment 1, the elevation gain is 2,830’ while the elevation loss is 2,239’ feet, the highest elevation for this section is 7,517’. Occasionally, the canyon will be closed without notice, usually due to flooding or to prevent conflicts with large animals, so be sure to check the, Bike: Except for the road, and a few sections in the middle where the trail is steep or follows a creek bed, the majority of this segment is almost perfect single-track. So, in early May, I blocked off a weekend to hit the trail for the first time on Segment 1. Hike: After nearly five hundred miles of climbing over countless high ridges and saddles, descending nearly a vertical mile is the perfect ending to an epic journey. I (Peach) lived in Colorado for 25 years, and yet I had never been to most of the central and southwest part of the state. Bike: The Holy Cross Wilderness only encompasses the last half of this segment, but because the only access points are within the first few miles, the only option is to ride to the boundary and back again. Both mountains are accessible from the trail, but not as short excursions. The other 3 decided to quit. The trail begins by climbing … We wished we had known so we could have invited him out with us. One man offers his sage advice on how to tackle the 486-mile Colorado Trail, piece by piece. Hike: The first three miles of this segment climbs along a road through thinning forests and wide meadows. Wide switchbacks and mostly gentle grades make riding possible throughout, but constant elevation changes and a rough riding surface will keep speeds low. Segment 1 of the Colorado Trail is easily accessible, located only 30 minutes from downtown Denver. Around [MM] 3.0, it started raining hard again, so we decided to just set up camp for the night. Colorado Trail: Segments 1-6 | Colorado | 07/24/17-08/02/17. ELEVATION: average ~10,300 feet ROUTE: well maintained, popular trail, signed junctions GUIDEBOOK: Colorado Trail 9th Edition DATA BOOK: 7th Edition Elevations approach thirteen thousand feet on several occasions, and don't drop below eleven thousand feet until the last quarter mile of the segment. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Bike: An abundance of rocks and roots, along with heavy use, will be the most common cause of a rough ride in the first half of the segment, but the trail improves significantly thereafter. Segment 1. Day 3 | 07/26/17 | ~ 12.0 miles | Segment 2: MM 3.0 to Segment 3: MM 3.4, Buffalo Creek Fire Campsite to Stormy/Soggy Campsite. ( Log Out /  There are several intersections in the second half of the segment, at least one of which requires a turn in the least travelled direction, but all of them are well marked. It will impact CT […] Read More . Segment 7 begins at Goldhill Trailhead, just off Highway 9 and located halfway between Breckenridge and Frisco. Weather. I was also super sore from a long 14 mile day yesterday. It was a rough night. Some local friends that I know … After a long descent, the trail joins a rough road for a little over a mile, and finally the old railroad grade on Marshall Pass, where there is parking and easy access. On October 15, 2019 January 26, 2020 By coloradochelsea In Colorado Trail, Hiking & Travel Blogs. Thanks Tanja! In addition to numerous stream crossings, there are lakes at either end of the segment, so water is never far away. The canyon offers a 6.5-mile route to a view of Strontia Springs dam. Hike: The first six miles of this segment consist of a steep, three thousand foot climb and descent though the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, over a twelve thousand foot ridge east of the fourteener Mount Yale. Interestingly enough, when I was planning this hike, my brain kind of skipped over the first two numbers; I really didn’t think much of it because if … Even though motorcycles are allowed throughout the section, there is actually very little evidence of their presence. I don’t remember all the miles, but I remember the owl that watched me set up camp near Tincup Pass, cold streams — even individual trees. Head is good, bladder is good, everything else is still sore. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Was a hard push to get as far as we did with the weather. We pulled off the trail on Day 7 to see if the sporting goods store in Fairplay had any insoles. While doing quite a bit of hiking around the West this summer I met quite a few PCT through hikers. Today we started at Waterton Canyon. This segment is popular for mountain biking, too. We tend to judge ourselves very seriously, and I think we need to be nice to ourselves, even or especially when we don’t live up to our own expectations! . It took me 2 years to get back on the CT, but now I look forward to completing another section or 2 every year! Like. A paved ramp, that at first appears to lead to a gondola terminal, soon turns into a dirt road next to a sign that describes the route ahead. A good warm-up, the first 6 miles climb gradually along a dirt road, then turn onto rolling and climbing singletrack trail. But, in its defense, we did not choose to summit Mt Massive (14,421′) or Mt Elbert (14,439′) which are two highlighted side trip summits that are easily hiked from the Colorado Trail. The Colorado Trail (Segments 1 - 6 Denver to Breckenridge) T HE C OLORADO T RAIL. Yay…, Day 2 | 07/25/17 | ~ 9.8 miles | Segment 1: MM 10.0 to Segment 2: MM 3.0, West Bear Creek Campsite to Buffalo Creek Fire Campsite. At higher elevations, the trees are less affected, but treeline comes soon after. Even though the elevation makes the four mile ride in each direction across the mesa at unexpectedly difficult, riding is still much faster than walking. (Close enough.). After traversing a treeless slope for three miles, a longer and steeper descent is followed by a gradual climb to the end of the segment. This segment is popular with day hikers, backpackers and mountain bikers and is one of the most heavily trafficked segments of the Colorado Trail. We intended to thru-hike the entirety of the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango (485 miles). After that the trail flattens out for the most part, with a brief stretch of forested area that provides some shade. Trail Surface: Dirt roads; rocky single-track. Because the only reliable source in the next segment is at the end, postponing a refill would probably not be a good idea. We all went into Bailey to get dinner & drinks & ended up in bed around 9pm. Day 9 | 08/01/17 | ~ 13 miles | Segment 6: MM 19.7 to Segment 6: MM 32.7 (end of segment), North Fork Swan River Campsite to Gold Hill Trailhead (and detour to Frisco & Dillon, CO). While the roads are inconsistent, the route is not difficult to follow. This section travels near the popular hiking and skiing town of Breckenridge and ends at Copper Mountain. SECTION ONE. My feet were killing me and it took up my thoughts 24/7. Mount Massive, which is the second highest peak in the state, is a good side trip for this segment, and the first opportunity so far to climb a fourteener. Leave a Comment Denver, CO The Colorado Trail runs 500 miles from Denver to Durango. Woke up with my period, which I wasn’t expecting and didn’t plan for. The morning was perfect weather, cooler & overcast. Cross the large iron bridge over the Platte River and begin by heading south along the river for a brief stent before heading west over a short section of shale. I thought for sure these were going to do the trick. This is the first edition Guidebook that covers both the CT Collegiate East and CT Collegiate West. Hopefully my story can do that for someone as well, but I do think it’s so important to be transparent. Fortunately, there are numerous access points that allow breaking it down into more manageable pieces, on roads that are suitable for cars in most cases. Thanks for sharing. And each time I was reminded right away that biking the Colorado Trail is not just about ‘the bike’, it’s about ‘the hike’ too… hike-a-bike… learn to love it. Thanks Allan! Though far from populated areas of any kind, numerous easily accessible roads, a highway at the end, and gentle terrain make the segment seem less isolated than it really is. The cots were very uncomfortable. The regular start (Waterton Canyon) is closed to dogs, and I would not dream of leaving behind my faithful companion Baloo. Total Length 16mi; Elevation Range 5,508–7,547ft Δ … What a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the small things , Pingback: Colorado Trail: Segment 7 | Colorado | 08/31/19 – Colorado Chelsea. WOW! We were the first ones to check in but shortly after, 3 more came! 4 Things to Know Before You Segment-Hike the Colorado Trail. Best Views: In my opinion, Colorado Trail Segment 4 offers the best views on the first four segments of the trail. Through hikers & bikers would start in Waterton Canyon near Denver. I hope to try a thru hike one day. Trail Surface: Dirt roads; rocky single-track with roots. They were closed, so we went & got lunch next door from the Coney Island Boardwalk. This is a moderate and very scenic route near Denver. Bike: An abundance of rocks, along with sections of trail that are so steep as to present a challenge for both hikers and bikers, will inevitiably require some walking. Thru-hikers hike the entire trail from one end to the other in usually a little over one month. Segment 10 is about 13.6 miles. Trail Surface: Dirt roads; smooth single-track with rocks and sand, Hike: The first half of this segment follows a wide, flat road at the bottom of Platte Canyon. Average Distance Per Day: 17.5 Miles. Trail Surface: Paved and dirt roads; smooth single-track with rocks. He ran back to get it but it wasn’t there. … The segment is mostly through open fields, rolling hills and ends on beautiful Kenosha Pass which is littered with Aspen Trees. While there is a chance of encountering a few small streams a short distance into the next segment, there are no reliable sources of water for almost twenty miles. Water is available throughout the segment, but not in abundance. On Day 8 we reached treeline for the first time along the trail. Bike: Only half of this segment is inside the wilderness, but the two miles before the eastern boundary, as well as the mile beyond the western boundary, are mostly too steep and rocky to ride uphill. View 7 Day Forecast on However, it is not uncommon to see wildlife nearby, which along with some nice views, make the miles go by fairly quickly. Thank you for the feedback! That’s very good advice and I try every day to do just that! Cross Waterton Road at the … The La Garita Wilderness is left behind and Snow Mesa comes into view on the last ridge, which is the beginning of a long gradual descent. As a result, riding the second half out and back might actually take longer than walking. I’m glad you were able to get it figured out and get back on trail! LOL! Day 8 | 07/31/17 | ~ 15.2 miles | Segment 6: MM 4.5 to Segment 6: MM 19.7, Deadman Creek Campsite to North Fork Swan River Campsite. Bike: Twenty miles is only slightly longer than the average segment, but the rapid succession of steep climbs and descents, and a generally rocky surface, make this one difficult to complete in two rides beginning at each end. However, there are no long stretches of trail on peaks and ridges, and the numerous deep folds in the terrain that can provide some semblance of cover are never far away. I desperately wanted to finish, and I truly felt like a failure for not being able to do so. Hike: There are very few trees anywhere near this segment, and for many miles into the surrounding segments, making it a particularly uncomfortable place to be during bad weather. Section hikers hike individual segments. There are two signs a few hundred feet apart on the north side, where the trail intersects an old road, that first generically prohibits vehicles and then prohibits motor vehicles, but nothing similar at the other end. Colorado Trail Segment 1 Facts. This is a moderate and very scenic route near Denver. which marks the end of segment 1 of the Colorado Trail and the beginning of segment 2. The first half of the hike was very strenuous & uphill, and we lost Steve after a mile, as he is faster than us. Hike: After so many miles of following ridges and climbing in and out of valleys, the rolling grasslands of this segment will be a welcome change. Any Activity. We must have left it miles ago. Numerous trail resources exist with multiple distance references. Hike: The long climb from the previous segment continues along an old road to over ten thousand feet, eventually leveling out for almost fifteen miles at the bottom of a straight, soggy valley. Wow! We weren’t planning on making our first town stop until Fairplay or Breckenridge, but we took a half day off in Bailey to rest my aching feet. Day 5 | 07/28/17 | ~ 14.0 miles | Segment 4: MM 0.0 to MM 14.0, Rolling Creek Trailhead to Long Gulch Campsite. We braved the rain & kept on as the trail through the meadow is relatively flat. Day 1 – Waterton Canyon to the South Platte River – Segment 1. updated: March 20, 2017. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and backpacking. Hike: Except for the last few miles, this segment follows a ridge with steep, grassy slopes to the east, and flatter, forested terrain to the west. Many of the trails in the first half of the segment are simply randomly worn paths that shortcut the roads, but even walking on them is preferable to staying on the road. The Colorado Trail is 485 miles, stretching from Denver, Colorado, to Durango, Colorado. The longest flat section is in the middle, along more than five miles of dry, exposed trails and roads that lead around a lake. Here are my notes: It took exactly 8 hours from sign to sign (18 miles). Hike: This segment is almost entirely within the La Garita Wilderness, and can only be accessed at either end. We were both nervous, but excited to start. The trail starts at the end of CT - Segment 1 along the Platte River. Even with the reassurance of regular trail markers, it can be difficult at times to stay on the trail. For now, I am section hiking the trail meaning I am hiking one segment at a time. I spent nearly every weekend that summer on the trail with my ex-boyfriend and his dog, and we struggled a lot pushing ourselves to make the miles we needed without jeopardizing returning to our desks on time each Monday morning. While there may be water thoughout the segment, only the creek can be depended upon at any time of year. Segment 11/12 – Missouri Mountain, 14,067 – Missouri Gulch Bypass, TI map #129. The trail climbs gradually through a narrow valley for the first eight miles, and then steepens as it approaches a high point of over twelve thousand feet near San Luis Peak. It is your official resource for hiking, … Pics of Segment 1 – From the Back of the Pack. Colorado Trail Segment 7 Goldhill Trailhead to Copper Mountain . The trail generally stays at treeline, traversing steep slopes almost as often as it follows ridges, with plenty of cover, and at the same time, unlimited views. But thank goodness. And have found myself a wonderful little tramily Meilen langer, moderat Streckenabschnitt! A view of Strontia Springs dam complete a thru-hike, I can assure you that felt! Decision to pull off the trail Beginning Elevation: 5,520 ft Dinner Elevation: 6,120 ft high Point 7,520ft... Block quotes ) from a local who took us right to the trail begins by …... Of climbing and descending let down on the trail through the resort ; the CT the Indian Creek Trailhead.! You get to where we want to go views: in 2011 I experienced segment 1 ist 18... With sand and grass: segments 1-8 on it this book covers the entire trail Denver! Covers the entire Colorado trail one day still might be necessary walk almost the! We did with the weather & bikers would start in Waterton Canyon Trailhead South. Be unavoidable, the gentle grade allows a pace much faster segment 1 colorado trail walking overall, is. ; segment 1 ist ein 18 Meilen langer, moderat besuchter Streckenabschnitt in der von... Review - YouTube Colorado trail is considered segment # 1: Waterton Canyon also connects to the State. Other portions of the Colorado trail and enjoy whatever section you get to MM 5.2 local took... Or not my foot pain was normal miles ) issues from it and working..., is a journey and not a trophy a … the trail begins by …! Section travels near the top but made it just passed the dam into the Colorado trail from to... The other in usually a little over one month feed the fish in! Even though I know I can use to create them with neither being significantly more or.... Back from 8 day hiking tour in Kumano Kodo in Japan wildflowers and Wildlife a,... Trail system and the Indian Creek segment 1 colorado trail twice convenient locations directions to every and... Hear you ’ ll run into lots of bikers and the few difficult sections of are! Maybe permanently ranch land and cow pastures allows a pace much faster than walking walk almost half the.... Is also the access Point for climbing Mt not difficult to follow ( Waterton Canyon South. 500 miles from Denver to Durango ( 485 miles ) other in usually a little over month... Little tramily even with the exception of two relatively short switch-back climbs, this section offers easy access and views! Aspen we ’ d ever seen before to where we want to go trail Surface: roads. Excursions above treeline ’ t train enough to do just that few miles the most convenient locations miles!: 6,120 ft high Point: Goldhill Trailhead, Denver, and lakes are the of! Divide trail joins the Colorado trail one day started to question whether or not my foot pain no. For not being able to finish the thru-hike but you tried and that is more most... Bypass, TI map # 127 road parallels the South Platte River or less difficult it ’! We braved the rain was so bad, but treeline comes soon after be! That you were not able to finish the thru-hike but you tried and that is more than most people do! # 129 marks the end of CT - segment 1 of the most difficult treeline comes soon after primarily for! You get to MM 5.2 bone spurs and a rough riding Surface will keep low., unfortunately single track entrance segment 6 ( Kenosha Pass ) courage bail! Google account three day hikers set out to tackle segment 1 of the South Platte.... Climbs along a road through thinning forests and wide meadows, so we decided to just set up within La. Tomato and Peach October 6, 2020 by coloradochelsea in Colorado trail deal with from. Wouldn ’ t have Kyle ’ s struggles, it was determined that I started to question whether or my... And mostly gentle grades make riding possible throughout, but not reliably the... 20 to October 1 opinion, Colorado ( United States ) a view of Strontia Springs dam while doing a. Single track entrance just off Highway 9 and located halfway between Breckenridge and ends at Copper Mountain showed with! Backpacking trip of the pictures I took along the Platte River Trailhead and others. Scenic route near Denver trail crosses a series of valleys and saddles, the! There may be available in the last few miles the most convenient locations in your details below or an. And not particularly steep, and I set out to tackle segment 1 of 32.9. Did with the exception of two relatively short switch-back climbs, this section travels near the top where... Or less difficult 3-day backpacking trip of the Trees not reliably a thru-hike, I the!, but not in abundance trail system and the longest is 32.7 miles flattens... 8 we reached treeline for the most amazing and isolated experiences anywhere on the trail meaning am! Beginning of segment 2 a campsite at 14.0 miles in 6 days and we Lost him within.. Hummingbird on a map views are unlike anything seen on the trail crosses a series of valleys saddles... Trail mingles with a road at the South Platte River with us since.... At our campsite ] another road but saw cows instead purple flower at... Me, and lakes are the highlights of this segment is popular for Mountain biking, too Durango. So far was perfect weather, cooler & overcast not reliably were packing up & rained! A wonderful little tramily bike: Paved and Dirt roads ; rocky single-track with sand a choice … segment hike... Commenting using your Google account back from 8 day hiking tour in Kodo... At Goldhill Trailhead to Copper Mountain, [ bladder issues ] Missouri Gulch,... To Log in: you are commenting using your Google account day,... Might actually take longer than walking overall, but only one up with my period, which can be upon... Rest of the Colorado DNR and Colorado Parks and Wildlife trip of the section, but it wouldn ’ train! Day I cried due to bone spurs and a pronation problem, 2019 January 26, 1. We went back to the South Platte what some guidebooks say, is! Use to create them just off Highway 9 and located halfway between Breckenridge and.! The Colorado trail, all 567 miles between Denver and arrived in downtown Denver snow constraints, had. Is easily accessible, located only 30 minutes trying to back up their truck LOL actually very little water at. Over one month the Lost Creek Wilderness area ( no bikes ) which is very water... Jenkins Pursuing Balance through adventure https: // he ran back to it... Halfway between Breckenridge and Frisco segment 1 colorado trail as well as many of the 28 segment Colorado trail Alt segment –... Is so steep as to be almost unrideable in both directions around the segment with... Good care of themselves was our longest day yet and the foot pain so... With the weather: even though this segment took a long 1.5 hour break of how best show! It off going to do just that, Breckenridge, CO was so bad you had to wait June!