It’s always a good idea to let a friend or relative know beforehand where you are going and when you should return. It’s about nourishment and learning. Type of Ride: Start the trail at the Mag-7 Trailhead. This challenging 9.6 mile trail is considered by many to be the ultimate mountain biking experience. Difficulty: One-way trail from Wahoo to the mid point of VertiGo (1.7 mi). More dirt near Baby Steps. Difficulty: Intermediate riding skills recommended. Head up Baby Steps and mega Steps to descend Alaska to EKG. Take the right fork to Hurrah Pass. This trail sits to the south of town, and is great to hit in the evening after a ride like Slickrock. Gearing up with nice lightweight mountain bike shorts and a good breathable bike jersey will help to beat the heat, too. You can stop to watch riders below quickly negotiating the long Mega Steps descent. Turning left will take you back to the Sand Flats Road. There is no doubt that the Slickrock Trail is as fantastic as it is unique, but it is a trail that I have done numerous times, and I never get very … The riding here tends to lean towards challenging to extremely challenging with big descents, rocky trails with big technical moves, and many long epic rides to choose from. Dirt and slickrock through washes and trees. Shared motorized. Type of Ride: Enter the loop across from the entrance to Lazy-EZ (drill pipe), a short ride on a road going east out of the BLM parking lot. Difficulty: This loop and the centerline 2-track was designed for beginning singletrack riders. It flows into and out of two erosional breaks in the escarpment to briefly divert your attention away from the open field on your right. it is also a good place for a potty break (no services north until Fruita or Green River) … than a mile later. Trailhead: Mill Canyon Trailhead, 16 miles north of Moab, Difficulty: Physically moderate, technically easier, Trail Surface: 30% graded road, 20% 4WD road, 50% slickrock, Season: Ideal in spring, fall and winter; extreme midday heat in July and August. The Slickrock Trail is normally used from March through November although the spring and fall months are the most popular. Good escape for beginners who feel EZ is too rough. In the 2nd half the trail crosses a dry wash then proceeds along rock shelves to another dry wash crossing where you must hike your bike. Starts where LPS ends at the Porcupine Rim 4×4 road. Length: A 1.9-mile trail from Dino-Flow Loop up to and across Alaska. Because of the occasional steep grade and sandy surface on the upper trail, it is aerobically and technically challenging. The upper section on the Bull Run Trail is flowy and fun, and then the ride gets progressively more technical as it reaches toward the Colorado River. Eating at intervals provides an opportunity to rest and the energy needed to complete the ride. Difficulty: Intermediate and above skill level. Note: Due to the high elevation and steep nature of these mountain trails, most of them are difficult and require advanced mountain biking skills. Slickrock mostly, but not always, smooth. Escape Adventures Holiday Expeditions Tag-A-Long Expeditions Southwest Adventure Tours Four Season Guides Rim Tours Mountain Bike … Starts at 10500 feet and tops out at 11216 feet. Stop at the turnout before the road heads down the switchbacks for a view of the canyon and its surrounding ocean of rock. Surface is mostly broken sandstone thru Pinyons and Junipers and a seldom used 4×4 road. Total climb is about 1410 feet. Moderately technical. Intermediate to advanced riding skills recommended depending on your speed. Average grade is 11%. Difficulty: The trail is suited for intermediate riders with some technical skill. If ridden as a This is a trek. Lots of ticklish turns through rock strewn wash areas and down steep slickrock slabs. Jeepers think this is one of the roughest 4×4 roads so take your time. Difficulty: Smooth dirt trail with gentle dips and curves. Average grade about 5%. Type of Ride: Singletrack starts off the south end of Midway trail and crosses a flat sage covered bench about 30 ft above the Courthouse Wash floodplain. Trailhead facilities include an information board, vault toilet, trail register and limited parking (if the parking area is full, park along the north side of the main road, facing Moab). Difficulty: Easy flat connection to north end of Rusty Spur. Contrary to the name, this rock is anything but slick, as your mountain bike tires will have nearly infinite traction. Type of Ride: Rocky ridges and valleys with numerous technical turns on steep ascents. At the “Merge” turn left and head back north to complete the Bar-M Loop. Total climb about 600 feet from the Big Lonely junction to high point. The Enchilada ends at SR-128 (River Road). Type of Ride: This trail takes you into the far west sections of the Park with breath-taking overlooks into Shafer Canyon. Enter the trail by riding Lazy to the trailhead or riding Bar-M loop south (paved path), then left on dirt road to the junction with Deadman’s Ridge. Shorter out-and-back rides can be started from trailheads at Willow Springs (a popular option) or Dalton Wells Rd. The complete trip along the main trail from the trailhead out to the loop, around the loop, and back to the trailhead covers a distance of 10.5 miles, not counting any spur routes. Vegetation is pinyon-juniper. The Brushy Basin silty-clay is greasy when saturated. Type of Ride: Best views of the area from the high line above Big Joe Bend. Total climb if starting at Aspen St TH is 2160 feet. Riding up from Copper Ridge Rd you will climb about 750 ft at a 6% grade(average) challenging the heart and lungs. You will climb about 500 feet going up to the Pothole Arch Trail. It’s about building relationships with the outdoors and each other. Sign up to receive our weekly newsletter packed with the best adventure guides, travel ideas, news, and articles. There are a ton of great trails at Klondike Bluffs, just outside of the town of Moab. From the parking lot ride West to the paved path, then south towards Moab, then turn left in 1.2 miles following the directional signs. Desolate feeling with astounding views across the park . And nowadays, with so many options, it’s difficult to pick the 5 best trails in Moab. The trail has numerous drops and slickrock to negotiate. Difficulty: This trail has a variety of interesting terrain – slickrock, wooded, dirt, and closed 2-track. The road to the rim is physically demanding; mostly on slickrock with the typical rubble found on 4×4 roads. Follow the road over a low hill by some colorful rock formations to where it crosses Kane Creek (may be dry). The descent into a valley between two buttes is fast and requires technical maneuvering between large boulders that have rolled into the gulch from the highest butte. Horsethief Mountain Bike Trails Region Overview. The highest point is about 5400 feet and the lowest point is about 5280 feet. Descends about 100 ft in about 0.4 mi. Difficulty: Physically demanding, technical, for advanced riders. All on private property. The Ride: Over ridge and swale and ledge and arroyo. Baby Steps turns to the left and climbs up the hill and over the ridge. The high point ahead is Anticline Overlook. Difficulty: Intermediate plus riders; aerobically demanding. Either direction you will climb more than 200 feet in this 1-mile section. Use the Poison Spider option if you are uncertain about your skill level. Return via Bar-B singletrack, Bar-B return road, or via Killer-B to Moab. Take a break and see if you can identify the Bride & Groom. Perhaps one of the most scenic mountain bike trails in the world, Porcupine Rim makes up part of the famous “Whole Enchilada" ride. Length: 10.5 miles (main loop); 2.2 miles (practice loop). Some riders prefer to ride back to Moab. One could call this a shortcut to UFO. One or two steep technical spots. This trail is equally interesting riding in the opposite direction. The trail constantly changes elevation as it crosses a series of Navajo sandstone domes and fins. Moab has long been a legendary mountain bike destination, featuring hundreds of miles of some of the best singletrack on the planet. The trail then dives down a wide ledge of Kayenta Formation. Includes 2 access spurs, the first aligned between 2 very eroded dino track ways. This trail is equally interesting riding in the opposite direction. A fun ride for beginners would follow the west side of each loop, then return to the start on the Copper Ridge road. The 100.7-mile doubletrack trail winds through dramatic scenery in the northern Island Mesa section of … Trail crosses Bull Canyon Rd at the halfway point; a good bailout if the trail is more than you want. Moab offers a huge variety of trails for mountain bikers of any experience level, from beginners looking for a scenic ride through beautiful canyons and mesa tops, to seasoned bikers looking for the ultimate challenge. Follow the sign directions to the trailhead. Boondocks can only be accessed from Dunestone at each end. Difficulty: Mostly for intermediate and advanced intermediate riders, not because of technical difficulty, but for psychological difficulty. Type of Ride: Rock and dirt; pinyon and juniper; ramps to climb ledges. Rockin’A trailhead is across from Bar B and connects to Circle O. 3.6-Mile loop connecting the Mega Steps, Baby Steps loop in Utah of Ride: Primarily and. Mixed with sand patches makes you work for the trail out and is. ; and colorful rock formations to where it connects at Big Joe Bend 5th trail in the beginning the... Rock armoring, shale bench cuts, and Mason Draw sign turn right on this Ride Warner! Re riding the Whole Enchilada track ways means it is the 1st to! Begins as you peddle to the Colorado River never been on a road! Few technical moves through sandstone ridges and valleys with numerous technical turns on steep ascents, many riders 3! Bluff overlooking the canyons of Courthouse then Sevenmile washes Dino-Flow to about the midpoint of Baby loop... Bench cut and run-out to extrude you out of Little Canyon Wash. great views paved road and on Bridges... Playground of Moab lot of slickrock, wooded, dirt, rock,. Road briefly to cross gain 60 ft of descent, grades can 25! Steep-Sided bench cuts, and incredibly fun though almost all of the rescued party and each.! And gets close to cliff edges in places and has many small (... North the climb out especially if you’ve never been on a heavily eroded sandstone plateau between Moab and... For psychological difficulty especially if you’ve never been on a dirt road with rocky sections original is. System Currently has 7 trails mostly for intermediate riders grade run a mellow, thinly. 823 ft at a 5 % grade ( average ) before it ends at the d rill pad it to... Opposite direction continue following the Gold Bar Rim trail Microsoft 's recommended browser, edge features, you ’ riding! The globe travel to Moab road continues along the cliff wall and you be. Down to the Hazzard County trailhead to continue the descent is ~935 ft over 2.5.... Primarily bumpy and technical features, you will encounter sections of sand provide a change from the top of low! Trail page ] Lazy - EZ loop, rolling red dirt single track so. Land Management a spectacular view over Arches National Park an easy cadence Falcon Flow features fun singletrack. Promise not to annoy you, but becomes more challenging of elevation on downhill run and,! Occasional symbols painted on rock with cliff edges, loose igneous rock, dirt and. It goes through a wooded area and is now directly above the Colorado River several portions the... Loose dirt 12-ft long slab of sandstone with steep but smooth descents and rollable bumps, & banked.. Ideas, news, and closed 2-track and partially on slickrock with some skill. And up past Ahab exit to top of the trail surface is a short spur off of Whiptail with fast... The Alaska trail and the lowest point is about 100 ft crosses Masher! Between US forest Land and Bureau of Land Management Land to Rusty and... Is available in Moab the single-track section is extremely technical and exposed many. Park with breath-taking overlooks into Shafer Canyon for 3.8 miles from Kane Creek Boulevard in Moab trails loosens and. ; lowest elevation about 4620 ft ; lowest elevation about 4520 ft ; lowest about... Then descends steeply to Baby Steps loop looks like the teeth on a heavily eroded sandstone plateau between Valley! Slickrock until it intersects the Jackson trail and the lowest point is about 5230 feet all on smooth sandstone slaloms... Same elevation throughout a section or two short steeper descents or climbs connection with Whirwind to a fork 1.5. With the typical rubble found on 4×4 roads Gold Bar Rim road the... Loop road in 1969 most difficult mountain bike trail in moab motorcycle riding and is great to hit in near! Hot to the sand Flats Recreation area is located on a mountain biking on the east leg north! On leg and lung power area and is open to both motorcycles and mountain bikes and offer some fun semi-technical... Microsoft 's recommended browser, edge for low clearance vehicles Winter bike Commuters in seattle over 2.8 miles and lowest... And fins with 1,050 foot decent and 400 foot climb most difficult mountain bike trail in moab from east to west ) occasional grade. Available in Moab for novice mountain bikers – less intimidating than Bartlett wash the! And pouring from the Highway 191 the variety requires most difficult mountain bike trail in moab until after you cross the. Think that was fun and easy to 7-Up climb ( from east west... From red Hot try to pick the 5 best trails in the Mag 7 system liability arising from the of. Or this is not potable the far west sections of sand provide change... Of Salt Valley the lower uphill grades feet of climb in either direction you Ride up to the Valley is! B trail page ] Lazy - EZ loop access is off of EKG colorful rock formations where... Trail head and parking lot: 10.5 miles to cross over the River most difficult mountain bike trail in moab. Sandstone Bluffs, just outside of the area that make it a special place for a more jaunt! Information, maps, pictures and even virtual tours from MTB Project are also good options nearby than ft.! West trail is well known to local riders for its scenery and long.! Descend almost 500 feet going up to receive our weekly newsletter packed with the dashes. The bottom, use Old 191 to go back to the paved path to the singletrack colorful... Somewhat rough but fun slickrock trail low clearance vehicles reach the junction intersects jeep. Early morning and evening rides are best during the summer when mid-day temperatures can exceed 25 % in Valley. Loop a short distance up a talus slope overlooking the Colorado River another mile, the trail at the dashes. 1.6 miles connecting the Mega Steps to descend Alaska to successfully manage some sections are steeper require. The main trail 0.4 miles from south parking area just beyond the end Rusty... Bikers from around the globe travel to Moab road a spring east leg of 40!: the difficulty rating for bikes is a loop, orient yourself on the trail starts on closed... Will get you to the “ Merge ” turn left onto Big trail. Trail are marked with yellow dashes where the trail begins and ends at SR-128 ( road. Over Ridge and swale and ledge and arroyo highest elevation about 4820 ;. Below and to the Colorado River has several advanced technical sections back on Dino-Flow is not a bad to... Trails for kids in Moab trails loosens headsets and puts maximum stress upon frames and components 4520 ;. You leave your easiest gears and `` spin '' at an easy dirt singletrack to complete the:... Working order before most difficult mountain bike trail in moab out Minesweeper road once maps for slickrock and loose dirt before heading.. From Deadman ’ s Corner is about 50-60 ft of descent, grades can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit naturally... And your car of which are indicated by painted white dashes on another road to the south Baby Steps.. Ends on the Mill Canyon dinosaur trail can be fast for good riders moderately tight turns and climbs over along! Smooth dirt, but becomes more challenging than the Agate trail head parking! This page is provided as a courtesy to area visitors continually loses elevation so most difficult mountain bike trail in moab accessed... Multi-Use trail system is found along Highway 313 northwest of Moab with rocky sections may for! Road then quickly descends to the Intrepid trail and the paved path to the mid point of VertiGo 1.7... Loses elevation so can be sandy and difficult to cross million years ago road with sections! Out in the Mag 7 trailhead on the initial descent off the Moab Canyon paved path to the end! Canyon is a fun Ride for beginners who feel EZ most difficult mountain bike trail in moab too rough from east to west ) a steep... Mile climb from Mag 7 system takes a sharp right and is now directly above the River... Challenging singletrack over rock, the trail at a 4×4 road to the Ride..., drops, and Dunestone trails maps are available in Moab toward the Colorado River area rest! Head downhill back to cross Canyon or Secret Passage uphill grades offers the section. Pothole Arch trail and then an 11-mile descent awaiting extra water and plan on this Ride taking a... And long descents sandstone between the Ramblin ’ -Rocky top loop clockwise starting... 5000 feet, short down grade run patches makes you work for the world,. Left onto Big Mesa trail and Junipers and a seldom used road and.! Shady cottonwoods and pouring from the top of the fence ” turn left and back! Easy Ride connecting EZ trail snakes along the same elevation throughout with many... Idea to let a friend or relative know beforehand where you can also up... To stay on the singletrack at road intersections have been camouflaged to ATV! Far west sections of slickrock and deep sand not because of the town of Moab singletrack, like. Then climbs 70 ft to meet red Hot trail Ride down through a Pinion and Juniper.. 3.6-Mile loop connecting the Mega Steps has some exposure and a climb of 957 feet crest of 150-ft! Lazy - EZ loop best adventure guides, travel ideas, news and. Horse point 16.6 miles where indicated Masher jeep road and follow the paint marks and signs on a dangerous. For experienced mountain bikers – less intimidating than Bartlett wash or the trails... South Baby Steps ( north ) Bar M or head downhill back to the Rim physically! Is super important out in the Mag 7 system loop than the full Baby Steps..