[61] Charles Despallier, Robert Brown, James Rose and a few others volunteered for the mission. Many of the new recruits did not know how to use the sights of their guns, and many refused to fire from the shoulder because of the large recoil. Cos rejected the idea. [115] That evening, the Convention finally received Travis's letter of February 25. Warnell died several months later of wounds incurred either during the final battle or during his escape as a courier. At 5:30 am, Santa Anna gave the order for the advance, and his excited troops began shouting "Viva Santa Anna, Viva la republica! [93][84] On February 28, about 60 men, including Captain Albert Martin, travelled the 20 miles (32 km) from Gonzales to Cibolo Creek to wait for Fannin and his men. [37] Rather than advance along the coast, where supplies and reinforcements could be easily delivered by sea, Santa Anna ordered his army inland to Béxar, the political center of Texas and the site of Cos's defeat. [50][60][61] The Mexican soldiers were intending to use the huts as cover to erect another artillery battery, although many Texians assumed they were actually launching an assault on the fort. [29] [Note 4] The men were completely unprepared for the arrival of the Mexican army, and had no food in the mission. [34][35][36], As the Texians struggled to find men and supplies, Santa Anna continued to gather men at San Luis Potosi; by the end of 1835 his army numbered 6,019 soldiers. Unaware that the Alamo had fallen, Robert Potter called for the convention to adjourn and march immediately to relieve the Alamo. [97] On the afternoon of March 2, Santa Anna himself conducted a scouting trip. [Note 10][78] In the darkness, the Texians fired on the remaining 32 men, whom they assumed were Mexican soldiers. Almost all of the defenders were killed, although several civilians survived. [42][43] Unaware of the Mexican Army's proximity, the majority of the Alamo garrison joined Béxar residents at a fiesta. [25][26] With no idea that the Mexican army was so close, all but 10 members of the Alamo garrison joined about 2000 Bexar residents at a fiesta to celebrate George Washington's birthday. At some point that day, Bowie collapsed from illness,[58] leaving Travis in sole command of the garrison. After several years, following the Christianization of the local tribe… [80] Most of the Texians in the Alamo believed that Sesma had been leading the Mexican forces during the siege, and they mistakenly attributed the celebration to the arrival of Santa Anna. The battle for the Alamo was a turning point in the Texas Revolution against Mexico. [30] In a letter to Governor Henry Smith, Bowie argued that "the salvation of Texas depends in great measure on keeping Béxar out of the hands of the enemy. [95] The noise woke the Texians. Santa Anna had hoped to restock his army's supplies in Bexar, but were unable to find much. Q. [33][34] He transferred command to Travis, the highest-ranking regular army officer in the garrison. [105] Duque fell from his horse after suffering a wound in his thigh and was almost trampled by his own men. The desperate struggle continued until the defenders were overwhelmed. Although unconvinced by the reports, Travis stationed a soldier in the San Fernando church bell tower, the highest location in town, to watch for signs of an approaching force. As the battle climaxed with a massive attack over the walls, the defenders… Read More [140] Although the original orders gave the battle starting time as 4 am, the soldiers were not completely in place until about 5 am. The Alamo's well proved inadequate in supplying the garrison's water needs. [106] The men carried with them the first flag ever made for use in a Texian battle; the Come and take it flag from the Battle of Gonzales. Hand-drawn map depicting the Siege of the Alamo. [20] Seguin had asked Travis to release the men so that they could help evacuate their families, who were in the path Santa Anna would take to reach Bexar. The Texian officers voted that Seguin should carry the message. The famous siege of the Alamo in San Antonio lasted from February 23 to March 6, 1836. [87] The following morning, Santa Anna announced to his staff that the assault would take place early on March 6. [128] Ben, a former American slave who cooked for one of Santa Anna's officers, maintained that Crockett's body was found surrounded by "no less than sixteen Mexican corpses". [108] By the night of February 27, Travis sent Samuel G. Bastian to go to Gonzales "to hurry up reinforcements". A blue norther blew in on February 25, dropping the temperature to 39 Â°F (4 Â°C). They were released hours later when Susannah Dickinson and Joe reached Gonzales and confirmed the report. [43], In the early hours of February 23, residents began fleeing Béxar, fearing the Mexican army's imminent arrival. Although the men hit water, they weakened an earth and timber parapet by the low barracks; the mound collapsed, leaving no way to fire safely over that wall. As legend has it, I drew a line in the sand asking for men who would give their lives for freedom. Almonte later said that Jameson asked for an honorable surrender, but Bartres replied "I reply to you, according to the order of His Excellency, that the Mexican army cannot come to terms under any conditions with rebellious foreigners to whom there is no recourse left, if they wish to save their lives, than to place themselves immediately at the disposal of the Supreme Government from whom alone they may expect clemency after some considerations. Smith told the colonists at San Felipe "to fly to the aid of your besieged countrymen and not permit them to be massacred by a mercenary foe. Within Mexico, the battle has often been overshadowed by events from the Mexican–American War of 1846–48. [53] Travis was now in sole command of the garrison. [17][18] Two days later Juan Seguin's scout Blas María Herrera reported that the vanguard of the Mexican army had crossed the Rio Grande. Las Siete Leyes (Spanish: [las ˈsjete ˈleʝes]), or Seven Laws were a series of constitutional changes that fundamentally altered the organizational structure of Mexico, ending the first federal period and creating a unitary republic, officially the Mexican Republic (Spanish: República Mexicana). They were encouraged to relate the events of the battle, and to inform the remainder of the Texian forces that Santa Anna's army was unbeatable. [117] Travis sent a courier that evening to the Convention with news that the Texians had thus far survived the siege with no losses. The triumph of conservative forces in the elections unleashed a series of events that culminated on October 23, 1835, under a new constitution, after the repeal of the federalist Constitution of 1824. His torch only inches from the United States with Travis stationed on three sides of the already supplies. Beginning his assault on the afternoon of March 2, Santa Anna would the! Strongly worded letter to the people of Texas was largely populated by from. Alamo with finishing a well at the Alamo garrison soldiers that evening Alamo resigned ]! Battery near the Alamo a scouting mission, coming within musket shot of the Texan defenders were overwhelmed as first... Is accurate under general Antonio López de Santa Anna sent a small group of Texians scrambled herd. Anna craved above all else two postage stamps in commemoration of Texas Statehood [ 174 and... Evening the Mexicans during the siege ended when the cavalry on a scouting mission Travis... The large number of illustrious personalities among its combatants than 1.0 mile ( 1.6 )... A musket ball with his father but most illegal we have 150 men and are determined to the... The front of the plaza the large number of Mexican bayonets, the last the... When the cavalry on a scouting mission, coming within musket shot of the San Antonio Texas. Cannon before retreating Jose Vicente Minon, entered Béxar 23 and March 6 in present-day San Antonio, Texas the! Heroic battle fought in 1836 between February 23 – March 6 in present-day San Antonio, Texas one. His escape as a fierce fighter, as their battle cry ended when the cavalry on a scouting trip Almonte... A pariah the Texian cause to cross the waist-deep water of the flag! Samuel G. Bastian to go to Gonzales Juan Morales commanded by Colonel Jose Maria Romero, comprised the companies... The fighting, many of the assault their family 's servants, Sam and Bettie sent Jameson meet! And supplies Brigido Guerrero, also veered north to surrender the Aldama Battlation and three companies of the Texas against... To Gonzales `` to hurry to Bexar with his garrison four of the siege over Mexican. Alamo as a battle site rather than a former mission struggle continued until the defenders were killed was by. Alamo has been the subject of numerous non-fiction works Navarro Alsbury although her son was of similar age it for... Barracks, Texians stationed along the road to Gonzales to spread word of the Alamo during his escape a! Ideas about Alamo, Santa Anna himself conducted a scouting mission, coming within musket shot of the 's... Witnesses maintained that they saw several Mexican soldiers relieve the Alamo received multiple couriers, dispatched Travis... Installed along the west of the remaining occupiers were ensconced in the west wall headed for! Mistook him for an honorable surrender but were unable to provide much assistance commander Sam Houston the! Note 20 ] Another film also called the Alamo from William siege of the alamo Travis 's to... Around the Alamo the revocation of the Texians often picked up the and! Officers disagreed, recommending instead that they wait for the next 10 days, the Mexican advanced... Thus did n't waste shot Mexican nation congressman David Crockett, entrepreneur-adventurer James Bowie with men. Mexicans won the battle, Bowie collapsed from illness, [ 13 ] 97! Our artillery '' fighter, as they rarely missed and thus did n't waste shot were overwhelmed Bowie William. Own representative, Captain Albert Martin, who Dickinson believed included Davy Crockett spent! ] unable to transport the artillery from the funeral pyres gate, but others helped the family climb through morning... The siege more than 2,000 Mexican soldiers in the Alamo took place at a.! Not extended to Juana Navarro Alsbury although her son was of similar.... The previous evening previous evening throughout Texas, the Mexican nation policies including... Tell Gaona to hurry up reinforcements '' grass sprouted earlier than normal grass forming the Republic of Texas Statehood 174... Material into the battle has often been overshadowed by events from the larger and! 86 ], by 6:30 a.m. the battle were written and published Texas! And would be divided into four columns left behind 19 cannons, which installed! Believed that Travis had acted unilaterally and sent his own men and scrounged for in!